The “Read to me” preschool literacy project is officially on its way!  At the last board meeting it was decided that Emily would prepare two of the book offering displays and place them at locations in Pueblo West.  The board would like to gauge how popular the program will be, how many books will be taken, and what the ongoing cost might be.  If the results of this trial run are positive, then we plan to expand to more sites.
If you missed the meeting where this program was previewed, it involves providing brand new children’s books, free of charge, to parents of infants and preschoolers through the use of colorful displays in pediatrician and dentist offices.  This is a great way, with minimal expense, to contribute to our Rotary International literacy goal.  Research has proven that infants and preschoolers who are read to aloud develop much larger vocabularies and enhanced comprehension in word recognition and pronunciation.
We’ll keep you posted on further developments.