Posted by Bradley Curtis on Feb 06, 2019
Where does the time go? January was the longest month of the year! On Wednesday, Jan 30, the Club meeting had an attendance of 16. $9 went to 50/50 and $12 was contributed to 50/50. 
There was a brief Special Board Meeting to approve the signators for the remaining Club year, as well as for 2019-2020.
SECRETARY: Announced results of Special Meeting: Mark, Melanie and Andy will be financial signators through the 2019-2020 year.
TREASURER REPORT: Mark provided handouts at the meeting to discuss the dues situation further.  Recapped how fundraising could not be used for operational expenses. Biggest cost is the weekly meeting place/breakfast. There are some items currently listed as operational that may be used through fundraising, such as RYLA, credit card processing for events, etc). However, the reassignment of some items are still minimal to the big picture.  Members also voiced opinions on the Rule 85 dues versus regular dues.  In general, the estimated $150/member/quarter assumes everyone pays the same out of the 25 members.  The Dues discussion will be in detail at the next Board Meeting on Feb. 13, 2019. Board will provide recommendations to bring back to the members for a vote.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  Planning an Alamosa trip which may incorporate fundraising opportunities.
1. Need updated list of committees and the respective members.
Feb 6, 2019: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Feb 13, 2019: Board Meeting at 4:30pm, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Feb 13, 2019: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill

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