Posted by Bradley Curtis on Dec 10, 2018
On Wednesday, the Club meeting was attended by 15 Rotarians and 2 guests. Tony Scanlon was the big winner with $7 from the 50/50 Pot. And double digit Happy Bucks at $15. 
Duane Greenfield was escorted by Chad Heberly this morning.  Duane was very grateful for the assistance on his move a couple weeks ago. After much discussion, the most recent Club moving team was determined to have successfully moved Duane nearly 5 seconds quicker than the previous team. Sorry Jay :(
Fabian Crespin, with Farmers Insurance and a guest of Luke Kita, was welcomed this morning by the group. Josh Stuart, was approved as a new member at the meeting... So technically we started with 15 Rotarians/2 guests, and concluded the meeting with 16 Rotarians/1 Guest.
ClubRunner is hopefully being utilized more by members. It has become the primary source of emails, meeting notices, bulletins and events to maintain consistent updates and communication with the Club.
The Board reviewed the application and presentation of Josh Stuart as a prospective new member.
MOTION: Made by Tony Scanlon, and seconded by Luke Kita to approve seek action from the Club of Josh Stuart as a New Member . Motion carried.
MOTION: Made by Jay Paychek, and seconded by Tony Scanlon approving the Board's recommendation of  Josh Stuart as a New Member. Motion carried by the Club. Welcome aboard Josh!
SECRETARY REPORT: Working on review of Bylaws to confirm they are current. Will present finding/recommendations to Board.
TREASURER REPORT: Working on the books.
SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Waiting on budget numbers in order to proceed with evaluation of a sustainable plan for the clubs financial commitments.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  There are still calendars available. They will be sold at the Rotaract SantaRun on Dec 8th and upcoming Craft Fair.
2019-2020 BOARD ELECTIONS: The Board elections have been postponed until Dec 12, 2018.  Final elections are due no later than Dec 31, 2018.  If you are interested in a position, please notify Andy Blumberg.  An email will be distributed to the Club prior to the Dec 12, 2018 Club Meeting if there is more than one nomination for a position.
The following are currently expected by acclimation for the 2019-2020 year, unless we receive more than one nomination for a position.
President: Andy Blumberg
President Elect: Mark Trevithick
Secretary: Bradley Curtis
Treasurer: Melanie Phelps
Director: Laura Savage
Director: Frank Nash
Director: Rich Selle
Director: Luke Kita
Director: Harry Vogel
Sergeant At Arms: Directors Elect
Youth Exchange Program:UPDATE
Discussions with the club and conversations that had occurred with 43.  In general, the main concern was there hosts to meet the requirements and commitments requested.  Several members discussed the very rewarding program and how it has evolved over the years,  including the structure of the financial commitments. Many members also expressed concerns of taking on the 2019 commitments, but want to have further discussions and possible actions for future years.
Dec 12, 2018: 7am Club Meeting and Board Meeting. This Club Meeting will include the 2019-2020 Board Elections/Considerations. 
Dec 13, 2018: Holiday Party. It will start at 5:30 at Tocayo. Email on Gift Exchange has been sent. Currently over 35 are expected to be attending. If you haven't signed up, contact Luke.
Brief Updates:
1. There are numerous outstanding dues.  If you haven't paid in a while, its time to get caught up.  In addition to the electronic notices, paper invoices will also be sent out soon.
2. Many commented on the excitement of the previous weeks Dictionary Project.  An article was also in the newspaper.  Lots of big smiles from the students!!
That wraps up another busy week!! Best Regards.

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” - District 6780 Governor Jim Roxlo