Posted by Bradley Curtis on Dec 21, 2018
On Wednesday, the Club meeting was attended by 17 Rotarians for a 68% attendance. Pete was back to winning,but our regular guest, Jaime Burt from 43 took the big pot. Double digit Happy Bucks again at $20. 
Much of the meeting today was a round of updates from several Board members and committees and general discussion of getting back to speakers on a regular basis starting in 2019. If you have any speaker recommendations, please contact Jay Pechek. In addition, a Speaker Chair will be assigned to program 2019.
A special thanks to the Tocayo Team on the amazing food and service for the 2019 Xmas Party last Thursday! Thank you Luke Kita  for organizing this well attended event of food and friendship!!
MOTION: Made by Jay Paychek, and seconded by Luke Kita approving the Board's DEc 12, 2019 recommendation of  Fabian Crespin as a New Member. Motion carried by the Club. Welcome aboard Fabian!
SECRETARY REPORT: Still working on the Board meeting followup. Apologize for the delay.
TREASURER REPORT: With the many updates and reconciliation efforts, there is approximately $12,000 is in the Operating Account and approximately $10,000 in commitments. At the same time, there is over $9,000 outstanding. If you have not received an invoice via email in recent months, please contact Mark Trevithick so accounts can be reconciled. Invoices for those that registered for the Xmas Party will be distributed in the near future.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  There are still calendars available. Monies raised are now over $2,300.  Rotary 43 is also assisting in selling the remaining calendars.
1. Disc Golf : A proposal is being put together in conjunction with the Metro District for additional funding to include extra features to the planned course improvements.
2. President Elect Training Seminar (PETS): Is scheduled for March 1-3, 2019. This will be attended by Andy and Mark.  Many past presidents commented on the amazing experience.
3. Dictionaries: Liberty Point provided thank you cards to the club.  They were passed around and brought joy to the club in the efforts of the 3rd graders.
4. Water Project: Melanie spoke on  the water project for Terra Bona in Nicaragua. Currently, there is no water within 3 miles. The monies from the calendar sales goes towards this project. It will include providing chlorinated water, latrines, and education to the community of 250 people. The total project is anticipated to cost $60,000. Through $15,000 in funds raised by the club and partnerships, several grants are available to meet the remaining $60,000 cost.
Dec 26, 2018 Club Meeting will be CANCELLED so that everyone can celebrate the holidays with family and friends.
Jan 2, 2018: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Have a safe and happy holiday!

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” - District 6780 Governor Jim Roxlo