Posted by Bradley Curtis on Feb 12, 2019
On Wednesday, Feb 6, the Club meeting had an attendance of 15, plus a visit from past member Dave Atwood. $7 went to 50/50 and $10 was contributed to 50/50. 
Andy presided over the meeting in Jay's absence.
SECRETARY: Reminder of Board Meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.
FUNDRAISING: Should look at updating brochures with current information to have available at events.
In 2019, Oktoberfest will be coordinated with the Metro District 50th Anniversary. Looks like it will be the weekend of Sept 13th. Mitch and Andy will be seeking assistance to transition to new members to carry on the annual event.
Though Fundraising is critical,  it is important to not forget about activities in the community, such as road cleanup.  That being said, Jerry and Harry will be coordinating the next road cleanup event.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  Reminder of Alamosa trip which may incorporate fundraising opportunities. The Sandhill Crane & Water Bird Alamosa Festival is March 2-3, 2019. Contact Melanie Phelps (719-252-1789) Colorado River Trip for more information.
1. Need updated list of committees and the respective members.
Feb 13, 2019: Board Meeting at 4:30pm, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Feb 13, 2019: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Feb 20, 2019: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” - District 6780 Governor Jim Roxlo