Posted by Bradley Curtis on Jan 13, 2019
On Wednesday, the Club meeting was a bit light in the attendance with 10. $6 wen to 50/50 and $6 was contributed to 50/50. 
The speaker was Dr. Rahul Mehra, PhD on an update to Child Health Education in India project which Pueblo West Rotary aided in the funding of the project a couple years ago.
TREASURER REPORT: Invoices for the Quarter have been sent out. Payment are due January 31, 2019. Please contact Mark Trevithick if you have questions.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  There are still 2019 calendars available. If you want some, let Melanie or Pete know.
NEW GENERATIONS: Scholarship applications will need to be sent out in the next couple weeks. Chad needs direction on what funds will be available and confirmation of the plan(s).
1. Dictionaries: Sierra Vista provided thank you cards to the club.  They were passed around and brought joy to the club in the efforts of the 3rd graders.
2. A fundraiser in conjunction with St. Baldrick's is being investigated/planned for March 16, 2019.
3. An Indian Cultural Evening Fundraiser, for Health Education in India children, sponsored by Canon City Rotary, is being held January 26, 2019. Contact Rahul Mehra at (719)371-8789, for more information.   
SPEAKER: Rahul Mehra, PhD - Health Education for school children in India
India has the highest disease burden in the world and Dr.Mehra has been working with Rotary on education of 6th and 7th graders in India.
The program is 3 phases and was a $19,500, which was supported by grants and contributions from Canon City, Pueblo West, Vail and Buena Vista.
Phase I: Created Student/Teacher Books. These were 2 years in the making.The books provide a comprehensive look at items such as nutrition, air pollution, tobacco, yoga, dental, stress, violence andmany more. Currently, Dr.Mehra provides pilot teaching 2 times a year in Chandgarh, India.
Phase II: This phase will involve translating the books to Hindi. Currently, only private schools have English; public schools only use Hindi. Public schooling is free from Grade 1-8. However, Boys pay $2.05/month from Grades 9-12 and Girls are still free.  This is largely due to the high drop out rate of girls after Grade 8.
Phase III: Program rollout to 10 private and 10 public schools in Chandgarh, India. Currently the school board in India will not sponsor the program since it is not by an "approved" author or program.
Jan 16, 2019: Club Meeting at 7:00am, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Jan 16, 2019: Club Board Meeting at 4:30pm, Tocayo Mexican Grill
Make it a great week!

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