Posted by Bradley Curtis
Today, the meeting was a little light in attendance, but still a quorum, with 11 Rotarians and 3 visitors. Pete Sutton collected $7 from the 50/50 Pot. Pete has been on a roll this year!!  Even with the smaller group, there was plenty of happiness, thanks and blessings spread amongst the group with another $20 in Happy Bucks. 
Duane Greenfield was successfully moved last Saturday.  Many thanks to those who volunteered their Saturday morning to assist our fellow Rotarian.
As you may notice, emails are flying about. I want to apologize if you are receiving multiples as I learn my way around ClubRunner.  Please note, in addition to receiving emails, many of the bulletins and events can also be viewed using the ClubRunner app on your phones. Speaking of events, brief updates were announced today.
Nov 28, 2018: 7am Club Meeting/Dictionary Sleeve Filling. Immediately following meeting will be the deliveries to the schools.  This event was a first attempt at utilizing emails for signups rather than weekly paper signups.  Prior to this mornings meeting, there were only 3 spots remaining to be filled! One last round the horn this morning, filled the remaining spots, including Josh Stuart, from Big R (a guest of Tony Scanlon)!!  We needed 12 volunteers and now have 15 signed up!! Fantastic!!!! This is an amazing annual event, providing a dictionary to each and every 3rd grader in Pueblo West.
Dec 5, 2018: 7am Club Meeting. This meeting will include the 2019-2020 Board Elections/Considerations.  We need your vote. Please plan on attending.  There will be several open Board and Officer positions.
Dec 12, 2018: 7am Club Meeting and Board Meeting
Dec 13, 2018: Holiday Party. It will start at 5:30 at Tocayo. Luke and I are coordinating an online registration. Save the date, and keep an eye out for more information.
UPDATE: Youth Exchange Program
Linda Roof, our Asst. District Governor and Rotary 43 member, presented upcoming challenges to the program.  She has currently been active with the Exchange for several years, unfortunately, the 5th year of the contract, may be the last year of the program. Linda asked the Club to consider Pueblo West take on the 2019-2020 Exchange Program. Once even one year is lost, it is very difficult to gain momentum back. Though the Program Committee generally operates out of Grand Junction/Durango, Pueblo West and Southern Colorado has a history with involvement over the years.
Tony Scanlon provided his direct experience with the youth exchange nearly 20 years ago involving a young lady from Australia.  Most recently, Tony traveled to Australia and met up with her and family. That is amazing the longevity and impact the Youth Exchange has, even after 20 years.
Chad Heberly and Linda will be meeting further, so that our club can have more information as to the requirements and commitments.
Filled Positions/New Member:
Today, the following 2018-2019 positions were announced after last week's Board Meeting:
1. Brad Curtis, Secretary;
2. Luke Kita, Sargent At Arms;
3. Melanie Phelps, At Large Board Member.
Jordan Lussier, a financial advisor with Edward James, was also given a warm welcome as our newest member.
Brief Updates:
1. There are numerous outstanding dues.  If you haven't paid in a while, its time to get caught up.  In addition to the electronic notices, paper invoices will also be sent out soon.
2. Frisbee Golf is still moving along. We currently still have a $5,000 Grant and are working with the Metro District to provide the match.
3. Pete Sutton offered a reminder there are still many calendars yet to be sold.  In 9 days, those calendars can get placed on the walls!!!
ONE LAST WORD: Francisco, owner of Tocayo, denied our check this morning for breakfast. In turn, he requested the funds go towards a suicide awareness/prevention program. Thank you Francisco for your donation.

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” - District 6780 Governor Jim Roxlo

Stay warm, stay safe and have a blessed Thanksgiving.